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Establish an innovative talent mechanism for providing talents with a favorable working platform
Establish a studying-type talent mechanism for providing talents with a self-growth and development opportunities.
Establish a professional talent mechanism, for enhancing core competitiveness of the enterprise and talents.

HWTT creates such a talent system as advocate "Innovation, Study, Profession" under the guidance of operating concept "Unification and efficiency, Communication unlimited, Pursuit of excellence, Continuous innovation", so as to try to achieve a new talent situation that get the best out of talents, put talents to the best use, use the talents in most appropriate place and time, as well as make great talents appear successively, and to obtain win-win situation of both the enterprise and talents through mobilizing staff's initiative and stimulating staff's potentials.

We deeply understand that talents are the key security for enterprise to maintain base industry ever green. HWTT has to speed up the implementation of talent strategy and human resources capacity construction, completely improve staff qualities, and obtain competitive advantages through formed human resources advantages, so as to provide powerful talent security for sound growth and long-term development of HWTT, provided that if HWTT want to expand and strengthen its industry, and obtain sustainable competitive advantages in intensity market competition. Therefore, creating "Innovation, Study, Profession" talent system is a platform that we provide to every person who is working in HWTT and is willing to work for HWTT. Such platform is a huge, boundless and equal platform

HWTT makes a solemn promise to every employee and candidates: we actively develop personal development space for every employee, and design individual career developing and planning for every employee. Working in HWTT, your enthusiasm and creativity will not be confined. Working in HWTT, you are able to exert what you possess and exert what you are good at, so as to show yourself, improve yourself and fulfill yourself.

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