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Be full of Passion - passionate is the embodiment of HWTT staff's passion and wholehearted love toward working.

Dare to undertake responsibilities - dare to undertake responsibility is the sense of responsibilities and the courage of daring to undertake responsibilities that HWTT staff has to possess.

Mutual trust - mutual trust is the trust and great trust granted by and among HWTT staff as well as by and between HWTT staff and the enterprise.

Continuous transcendence - continuous transcendence is the embodiment of competitive and self-improvement concept possessed by HWTT staff, as well as of firm conviction possessed by HWTT staff for moving forward from excellent to outstanding and getting beyond themselves continuously.

“Passion, Responsibilities, Trust, Transcendence” is the embodiment of professional spirits of all HWTT staff, as well as is the most fundamental requirements that HWTT proposed to occupational self-cultivation of everyone who will come to work for HWTT.

“high-efficient unification, unlimited communication, excellence pursuit and continuous innovation”, the company creates and promotes the talent mechanism of “innovation, learning, professionalism”. It endeavors to create a new situation of “giving full play to talents and cultivating talents”; and sufficiently arouses the working enthusiasm of employees, realizes potential of employees, thus achieving a win-win situation between the enterprise and employees. The company undertakes to make personalized vocational development planning for employees, actively expand personal development space of employees, and give full play to employees, and offer opportunities to them for displaying and improving themselves and achieving their goals!

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