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China Tower will share and extend the tower site to the terminal transmission
Updated:2018-05-18 19:50

Recently, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange official website showed that China Tower has submitted the application for listing. China Tower wrote in the application document that it would provide communication operators with mobile coverage comprehensive solutions and develop the comprehensive solutions for the cross-industry information services. In this way, the tower site would be shared and extended to the terminal transmission and all kinds of social resources would also be utilized fully so as to get a better grip on the industrial development opportunities.

By the end of 2017, China Tower operated and managed 1,872,154 station sites, and served 2,687,475 tenants. China Tower accounted for 96.3% of the market share in terms of the tower numbers, while in terms of incomes, the number reached up to 97.3%.

Currently, primary businesses of China Tower included tower business, indoor distribution business, cross-industry site application and information business, among which the metrocell business of tower business accounted for the largest proportion of revenue with 97.3% in 2017.

China Tower wrote in the application document that it had the unshakable market position featured as the world's largest infrastructure service provider of communication towers and the indispensable pusher for China as a real-time network power.