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Data center solution of HWTT
Overview of the plan
The data center is a set of complex facilities. It includes computer systems and their supporting equipment (such as communication and storage systems), redundant data communication connection, environment control equipment, monitoring equipment and various safety devices. The data center realizes resource sharing by management means; processes data and turns them into valuable information by cross analysis; and carries out rapid and comprehensive processing and analysis of such information; meanwhile, connect data of different historical periods in an organic and orderly way, ensuring high usability of information.

Features of the plan

High density: the traditional data center is unable to satisfy flexible power supply and refrigeration requirement due to increasingly high density of the new generation of IT equipment: most machine rooms do not have more space to place new servers; the proportion of the energy cost of the green data center of storage equipment and basic facility to the operating cost of the data center is increasingly high. Only less than half of the electricity is used for IT load while the remainder is used for power supply and cooling systems and other basic facilities

  ◆Data center outsourcing

 Virtualization brings about more data center outsourcing and co-location and other requirements


 Security of key data has a growing influence on the global economy. However, in reality, security risks exist everywhere, such as virus, cracker, nature disaster and etc. The data center is able to further facilitate data backup and recovery.

  ◆The case filing architecture

 In the aforesaid data center, the network structure consists of the core layer (the first layer), the collection layer (the second layer) and the service accessibility layer (the third layer).

Network and system functions can be roughly divided into the followings:
  ◆ Business operation system

  The system is responsible for supporting enterprises; and operation of production and other business systems. General business systems are able to realize data sharing and processing between different application systems via Ethernet networking; when it needs to carry out computing and processing of mass data, or high-speed continuum of transmission, it can realize high-performance continuum of computing and solve I/O bottleneck problems in Ethernet, via InfiniBand networking.

  ◆ Security and management system
 Ethernet networking includes the monitoring management center and the security center. The monitoring management center is responsible for equipment operation and maintenance, network and equipment management and monitoring including performance management, equipment strategy configuration, failure management and alarm management. The security center is responsible for enterprise certificate authentication, management of security equipment configuration, invasion prevention, alarm monitoring and other functions.

  ◆ Mass-storage system

  Connect to the storage system via fiber switches

  ◆ Remote disaster recovery center

 Support data disaster recovery (namely data replication) and remote switch (namely in case of a disaster, the application can be switched remotely and rapidly). Office network system: by Ethernet switch networking, the enterprise ERP or internal management system is used for management of daily office work, projects, commercial affairs, outsourcing and etc. 11.

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