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Overview of the plan

With rapid R&Dment of internet, big data draw the attention of an increasing number of persons. At present, big data analysis and storage are based on analysis and storage of Hadoop database. Hadoop database will store a mass of unstructured data, as the technical mechanism of Hadoop database does not support centralized storage of data. HWTT puts forward a set of thorough centralized storage solutions based on Hadoop database for such technical problem. Hadoop data + CEPH file storage structure + Mellanox exchange system + IB storage adopted by it is able to effectively solve such problem.


Features of the plan

1. Use the CEPH distributed file system for storage file deployment, actually changing the deployment structure of Hadoop database; directly change the local deployment of data to centralized storage deployment by introducing Cephfs, thus separating the storage from computation, namely the server is mainly responsible for computing while all files are stored in professional storages. In case of capacity expansion of the system leading to insufficient computation ability, add server; in the event of capacity expansion of the system leading to insufficient storage space, add storages.

2. At present, CEPH file storage also provides the backup mechanism of double neme nodes (the fault tolerance function for avoiding single point fault), partly realizing high reliability of storage file numbering of databases.

3. Currently, centralized storage is supported by powerful data switching networks, while 56GB IB solutions of Mellanox perfectly solve problems in high efficient network transmission of Hadoop database. Meanwhile, hierarchical storage technologies are introduced according to storage features, for further improving system advancement.

4. RDMA technology-based 56GB/s IB switching network is adopted for switching, perfectly satisfying rate requirements of switching networks.

5. 56GB/s based IB storage or FC storage of over 8GB/s is adopted for backend storage, facilitating expansion and upgrade.

Topological graph of the Plan (the CEPH file structure of HADOOP platform)

Overview of the functions

 The system mainly includes a set of complete office procedures and other functional procedures which are suitable for features of Inner Mongolia Forestry Monitoring and Planning Institute, covering: e-government platform, project management platform, work report platform, file management platform, user management platform and system management platform. Each platform is equipped with relevant procedure function modules which organically combine OA management systems to form a set of complete office automation management systems.

Successful case

 The office management system of Inner Mongolia Forestry Bureau

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