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Overview of the plan

 The integrative solution of HWTT for the four-network (2G, 3G, WLAN and 4G) collaboration analysis platform: collect data from GB, terminal library, OMC system, integrated resource system, network management platform, BOSS system, BASS, 10086 complaint platform; and carry out specific and entire quantity analysis, and data mining and multidimensional analysis for 171 tags in ten aspects including customer, terminal, time, value and perception; establish a four-network collaboration data library, for realizing, quantifying and supporting the four-network collaboration, data traffic monetization and facilitate strategic transformation of companies.


Industrial trend

Features of the system

 1. The data traffic monetization analysis software of HWTT is equipped with an intelligent strategy system, greatly reducing the time of customers for formulating marketing strategies.

2. The Apache Hadoop structure is adopted in the plan, as an ideal tool for processing the mass dataset. Hadoop is of high reliability, expansibility, efficiency and fault tolerance, and realizes high-speed computation and storage by sufficiently making use of clusters. The user can easily develop and run application program of mass data processing in Hadoop.

3. The data traffic monetization analysis software of HWTT is equipped with advanced Many Core collection and decoding equipment. Compared with traditional collection and decoding equipment, the Many Core technology does not have an independent data acquisition card and shunt after modularization and integration.. The processing capacity of the Many Core media board reaches 1.4Gbps.

Physical architecture of the system

The physical architecture chart of the system is as follows:

The four-network collaboration analysis platform is mainly equipped with cloud platform, Hadoop technology, and a structure consisting of the collection and decoding layer, processing and analysis layer, and service and application layer

 (1)Collection and decoding layer

Main equipment of the acquisition and decoding layer consists of optical splitter, optical module, optical amplifier, collection switch, acquisition card and decoding media card. Such equipment mainly realize beam split of Gb/IuPS interface, acquisition and decoding of signaling data and user data from beam split and collection, so as to form a CDR file for the data analysis and processing layer.

 (2)Data processing layer

Main equipment of the data processing layer consists of application servers and database servers. Such equipment receives CDR data of Gb/IuPS decoding, communication record data, terminal data, engineering parameter data, user data, parameter index and etc., carries out cluster analysis and classification analysis of multidimensional data, mining of association rules and isolated points, and establishes multidimensional database libraries.

(3)Application layer

The application layer is mainly implemented by Web servers. It mainly realizes system functions of the four-network collaboration + customer perception analysis platform.

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