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HPC high-performance cluster solution of HWTT
Overview of the plan

HPC high-performance cluster solution uses a new type of architecture for improving analysis capacity of a system; is equipped with high-performance computing environment which features stable systems, advance technology, excellent property, easy expansion and management, based on maintenance of economy and high efficiency, for satisfying business computing, data analysis, system simulation and other application requirements.

Features of the plan

Business continuity: the overall system is able to run, round the clock, in a stable, high efficiency, and continuous way. Technical advancement: mainstream software and hardware platform products are used for satisfying the requirements of businesses of the high-performance computer center, and the trend and requirements of future technical development.

  ◆High expansibility

 Take into full consideration of expansibility requirements in the design, providing most expansible systems and protecting existing investment of users.


Establish a unified high-efficient resource management system, for unified monitoring and management of resources of all computer systems; and provide excellent resource management service by centralized and unified management methods, high-efficiency and quick-response technical service mechanisms, and standardization, automatic management procedures, so as to better serve business development of the center.

The Structure of the plan

 The system plan consists of the node system, network system, storage system and relevant management software (refer to Chart 3-1).

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