Oracle database solution of HWTT

Hardware architecture of oracle database solution of HWTT

In terms of database application, foreign manufacturers usually recommend minicomputer hot-standby plans. Meanwhile, manufacturers such as IBM and SUN usually suggest application of their logic partition technologies. They divide the minicomputer into several logical partitions and make logistical partitions of one minicomputers corresponding to the ones of the other minicomputer. In such way, many sets of dual active systems can be established (of course, a database cluster may be created). It is extremely suitable for the user who has multiple application systems, intends to deploy them in the dual active system, and requires physical isolation between different application systems (namely they will not compete with each other for using CPU, memory, I/O and other resources of servers) and dynamic allocation of resources at the peak hours of business. For such requirement, HWTT makes the oracle RAC cluster database plan via the VMWare virtualization system.

The server is equipped with the most high-end second-generation eight quad core minicomputer, VI3 enterprise edition software (the third-generation VMware virtual infrastructure package) as the virtualization software. Each server should be equipped with the ESXi Server component of VI3. Multiple virtual servers can be created by making use of powerful processing capacity of servers. Each virtual server is similar to a traditional physical server in terms of function, performance and operation method. Windows or Linux operating system, and oracle RAC cluster database are installed on each virtual server.

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