Big data signal analysis

 In recent years, communication industry has developed rapidly in China. On the basis of rich experience in data centralized management ,real time data maintenance, dynamic data analysis in different network environment(WLAN、4G、3G、2G). HWTT signal analysis system solution comes into being. It is a comprehensive analysis platform to provide the required support data for network planning, construction, management, maintenance and optimization technicians.

It uses hierarchical distributed architecture.

The bottom layer is data integration layer, including the network interface data acquisition, management, road test, billing data input. Its main function is to copy all kinds of original signaling and protocol data from the network on the premise of not affecting the operation of the network. Then, the application protocol processor proceeds signaling acquisition, filtering, replication, and send to the interface server through the event synthesis server.

The second layer is a large data platform, consists of decoding synthesis, data association backfill, real-time statistics, data storage and off-line analysis mining etc. It adopts many advanced key technology, such as shared storage space, distributed database, parallel processing and so on, which can make the system data processing performance can be greatly improved.

The third layer is the application presentation layer, divided into real-time management, business analysis, user analysis, network analysis and other special analysis module.

With the continuous innovation, our system not only can analyze huge video data, but also mobile payment and online transaction data. It can provide operators with the user Profile, position, terminal state, phone records, internet records almost in real time to help operators to gain much useful information. It can also be in the service of SP/CP, enterprises, research institutions, city public management, city planning, traffic planning, site selection, retailers’ promotion and many other fields.

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