The R&D Center of High Way Telecommunication Technology was established in 2006. It has insisted on an annual growth rate of 8% in R&D investment for a long time, thus enabling High Way Telecommunication Technology to make exploration in the cutting edge of communication and network technology development. At present, High Way Telecommunication Technology thoroughly researches into fields including 2G-4G wireless communication technology research, network protocol analysis, network optimization, integrated management of communication network, remote maintenance of terminal equipment, cloud computing, big data analysis, data mining and data traffic monetization, and obtains satisfactory achievement.

High Way Telecommunication Technology is one of the first enterprises which obtain national high-tech enterprise certification, and acquires ISO9001 certificate, software enterprise certificate, system integration and other certificates, and has dozens of software copyrights.

  The R&D Center of Beijing High Way Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. has a R&D team consisting of about 150 members. Except the headquarters in Beijing, we establish distinctive braches of the R&D Center in Fujian, Henan, Sichuan, Shanghai, Guangdong, etc. respectively; and actively cooperate with scientific research colleges and universities and national scientific research institutions, in pursuing development and application of new science and technology.

  Beijing R&D Center is mainly responsible for wireless internet application and development, internet of things, cloud platform, new technology research and other research subjects; Fuzhou R&D Center is mainly in charge of data mining, data traffic monetization, data analysis and other research subjects; Henan R&D Center is mainly responsible for enterprise OA, sales management and other enterprise-level application subjects; other braches carry out customized development according to actual requirements of local enterprises.

  The R&D Center of High Way Telecommunication Technology boasts core development teams, market-oriented technology innovation teams, and annual investment of special funds of over RMB one million in new technology exploration and research. High Way Telecommunication Technology has already abandoned traditional project-oriented development systems. It has understood the value of study and creation, in over ten years of cooperation with operators and equipment manufacturers, while acclimatize itself to market environment. It is able to provide the society and general public with new technical service in the cutting edge of science and technology; in 2006, we provided China Mobile with the first solution for dissemination and test systems of value-added service in the world, which is based on short message, multimedia message, IVR voice, WAP, video and image monitoring; in 2010, we created the first full-platform same-screen service system of mobile-phone process; in 2011, our creative individual privacy protection system of wireless communication passed test and provided access service for China Mobile and China Unicom; in 2014, the cloud computing based platform of High Way Telecommunication Technology for unified analysis of big data was put into use in China Mobile.

 High Way Telecommunication Technology will insist on market orientation and take the project as the core while giving consideration to R&D management systems of forward-looking investment in technology, so as to quickly apply R&D achievement in the market and realize industrialization; and greatly enhance R&D efficiency by rationalization and optimization management of technical human resources. It has already witnessed great growth in the communication network field in terms of scale, technology, market and comprehensive strength, laying a good foundation for future continued rapid development.

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