The cloud platform of High Way Telecommunication Technology takes H-cloud products as the core; realizes unified scheduling and management of the super-large scale of software and hardware resource of the data center; provides users with self-service interface; supports multi-tenant resource sharing, security isolation, elastic computing on demand and other functions, thus greatly reducing the difficulty of data center management and largely enhancing the business agility of cloud computing center and service quality.

  Desktop cloud of High Way Telecommunication Technology is a virtual system created by Beijing High Way Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. in consideration of its technological and economic strength. It realizes integration of system and application virtualization, providing Windows desktop and application as a service for secure use by any user who is located at any place and uses any equipment, on demand.

Product features

  Operating system virtualization realizing separation between the system and hardware equipment: operating system virtualization is that operating system resources are vitalized based on separation between the application system and the operating system; and only one OS system is stored and maintained in a data center; the system administrator manages user profile independently; the application runs independently and is dynamically issued to users.

  Application software virtualization realizing separation between software and the operating system: the application software virtualization is that all designated applications are deployed in the data center, based on implementation of application virtualization, and the data center delivers the applications to users for use on demand, realizing centralized management of application and data.

 Multi-terminal application: all-around virtualization access terminal equipment ensures that various PC, tablets and mobile phones can be connected to personal system desktops of the data center via clients, for using operating systems and application services provided by the data center.

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