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 The communication service of High Way Telecommunication Technology(HWTT) mainly covers communication network construction, network maintenance and optimization. With a skillful and experienced project implementation team, we can provide all the services including investigation, design, planning, installation, commissioning, network access, operation and maintenance, and whole-network optimization for various network elements such as base station, base station controller and core network, thus offering one-stop solution and service which integrate multiple network elements, manufacturers, and operators

We are the solution provider and service integrator of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, IBM, Nokia, ZTE, Huawei, Ericsson, etc., which are our customers and long-term partners


  ◆Unified project management system

By experience of a dozen years in communication engineering service, in consideration of the customers' requirements and project features of our company, HWTT establishes an advanced project management system, realizing trans-regional and trans-department management in China. It adheres to a set of feasible project management standards for new network construction or upgrade and expansion of original networks. It carries out flexible management according to different requirements of customers

 ◆Unified organizational culture

“Pursue excellence and keep improving” is the corporate culture of HWTT. On the one hand, we keep pace with the world-leading communication technology, and continuously learn advanced technologies; on the other hand, based on the powerful technology foundation, we actively encourage innovation in terms of R&D and management. In such innovative and pioneering organization, new suggestions suitable for customer requirements, management methods for improving service quality and work efficiency will be more rapidly adopted. Its strict control of service quality and pursuit of excellent service achievement will result in maximization of your benefits

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