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HWTT is committed to providing three large communication operators and corporate customers in China with comprehensive solution of wireless value-added service and communication service. We offer more stable and flexible business operation platforms to operators and more personalized terminal experience to mobile users. We create new wireless value-added service based on software development and business operation and focus on marketing and promotion of data communication service, activity planning and data mining and etc.

HWTT is able to provide value-added mobile voice, mobile information, mobile internet, e-commerce, mobile operation supporting products, including service and platform products in relation to research, development and operation. It has established good cooperation relationship with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Nokia&Siemens and other important users in the industry.

Date analysis

In about eight years from 2005 when the data analysis department of HWTT was established to present: it has already formed a mature and professional data analysis team consisting of members with industrial experience of over three years on average. It has accumulated rich experience in data analysis platform construction, marketing, operation analysis and data mining in the communication industry.

Operation analysis
1)Business operation analysis

Based on index systems, provide business operation analysis reports of specific products for mobile service; and put forward problems in terms of data, and suggestions.

2) Marketing analysis

By data analysis, discover weak points of business and put forward marketing suggestions, while matching target user groups; in the marketing process, real-timely follow up activity effect and timely adjust marketing strategy; after completion of the activity, summarize the effect and store customer response data;

User preference charts of historical marketing activity: marketing channel preference, award preference, contact point preference, time point preference and etc., providing effective data support for delicacy marketing at the later stage.

3) Specific Analysis

Specific analysis of IPHONE customers, high-value customer retention operation, and influence by Wechat on short message and etc.

4) Industry Analysis

Collect information on the latest situation and development trend of the telecom industry, music industry, internet industry and other industries, and select valuable information to form reports: industrial/market information collection, analysis for competitive products, information monitoring, qualitative and quantitative research, collection of domestic and foreign excellent marketing and promotion cases.

Data mining

Collect communication records (communication, traffic, service and etc), signaling (A interface, Gb interface, Gn interface and etc.), service platform (music, game, video, location, WLAN and etc.) and other data; restore usage scenarios of customers by analyzing and processing big data, and establish panoramic images of customer, for realizing in-depth insight into customers.

Data traffic monetization

HWTT thoroughly takes part in flow operation work of three big communication operators and corporate customers, providing integration operation, marketing, data mining and analysis, platform development and maintenance and other integrated service; monitors high-end underlying technology and application via intelligent data analysis systems and DPI traffic; designs processes of data traffic monetization analysis systems; designs and coordinates departments to improve traffic reminding mechanism; combines data mining and market investigation; and successfully carries out traffic migration and increase, replacement activity, customer retention and other special data traffic monetization activities.

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